Hey there, I'm happy to see you on the "about me" page. The fact that you have come here means that just like me, you consider the photographer's identity an important factor, influencing his/her pictures. I would say that photography is a visual embodiment of the philosophy and lifestyle of the photographer. Therefore it isn't just the portfolio that matters, but also one's personaility. So, let's get toknow each other better.

When I was little, I dreamt of coming to India. From my early childhood my father has taught me to believe in my dreams and not be afraid to follow them. So one day I found myself standing on the threshold of a new life, equipped with my father's advice and an old camera. I had a  one-way ticket to India and a great faith in myself. It seems to me, that I have coped well.

In 2011 I shot my first Indian wedding  with the enthusiasm of a discoverer. That which seemed mundane and uninteresting to the Indian photographer, to me was filled with beauty and deep meaning. I liked shooting small domestic rituals, ornaments, household items. I took pictures of weddings more as an anthropologist, carefully searching for  the meaning of each small action, trying to capture elusive  traditions.I enjoyed combining Indian tradition and the Western style of photography, shooting weddings in a way that was more than justa personal story.

Artist Statement

In the past year I have been shooting mostly multicultural weddings.This is of great personal importance to me. Despite the fact that I very much value tradition and find it a beautiful addition to life,it seems wrong to me when people misuse it to create even more barriers and obstacles between nations and religions. I  believe  that true Love and Beauty starts with accepting the difference of another person and allowing him/her to be oneself before and after marriage.All my happy interracial, inter-religious and inter-ethnic couples act  as  tremendous proof of this.

I like the vibrations of joy and openness and the humorous exchange of traditions, because at a wedding, they manifest themselves in all their glory.

When I shoot a Catholic wedding where half of the church are Sikhs, when the bride's family is dancing in lungi, meeting the groom's Baraat,when a white woman is dressed in traditional indian clothing, and the groom offers her Sindoor in the presence of the whole family - at moments like these my heart tells me that we are all one, because in the end all that each of us truly wants is LOVE.

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